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Lotto Powerball jackpots to $12m – as system upgrades impact ticket checking

From 7.30pm tonight you won’t be able to buy or check tickets. Photo / File Lotto Powerball has jackpotted after tonight’s $10...

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From 7.30pm tonight you won’t be able to buy or check tickets. Photo / File

Lotto Powerball has jackpotted after tonight’s $10 million draw failed to find a winner.

Powerball will now roll over to Wednesday night, where the jackpot will be $12 million.

First Division was struck, with three lucky Lotto players each winning $333,333. The winning tickets were all sold on MyLotto to players from Auckland, Nelson and Canterbury.

Strike has also rolled over and will be $300,000 on Wednesday night.

The numbers in tonight’s draw were 31, 3, 18, 34, 16, and 30. The Powerball was 8 and the Bonus Ball 17. The Strike numbers were 31, 3, 18 and 34.

Due to planned maintenance on Lotto’s app and website, players won’t be able to check out instantly if they are a big – or small – winner.

The maintenance began about 7.30pm and will continue through to an unspecified time on Sunday.

Earlier, Lotto’s website stated: “This weekend [July 16 -17] we will be upgrading the systems that support MyLotto and the Lotto NZ App.

“From 7.30pm on Saturday, July 16, the site will close, and you won’t be able to log in to MyLotto to buy or check tickets, or to claim prizes until the site reopens. At this point, we expect it to reopen a little later than usual on Sunday morning.”

The website also states the instant Kiwi online games will close a little earlier at 6.30pm on Saturday, July 16 and reopen at the same time as MyLotto on Sunday morning.

Bullseye draw results will also be delayed.

The draw happened at 6pm as usual, but the results weren’t be available until 7.30pm.

“Because MyLotto is closing early on Saturday, this means MyLotto players won’t be able to check their Bullseye tickets until the site reopens on Sunday, July 17.”

The Lotto draw took place at 8pm.

Lotto NZ says they will be upgrading the systems that support MyLotto and the Lotto NZ App.

“This upgrade supports our commitment to delivering you a great online gaming experience.”

Lotto NZ apologised on October 20 last year as tens of thousands of Kiwis were locked out from checking their tickets – and many couldn’t buy their chance at the $42m jackpot.

“This evening, some players may have experienced issues when trying to top up or buy their tickets and we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused,” the agency said on Facebook, shortly after a single player – with a ticket bought in Pokeno, south of Auckland – claimed the second-largest Powerball prize ever in New Zealand.

At just before 9pm, punters scrambling to check their tickets on MyLotto were told they would need to wait for more than an hour – with as many as 60,000 Kiwis in the queue.

Earlier a message on the site said: “We’re currently experiencing issues for players trying to top up, we’re working as quickly as we can to try and fix this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

“For customers who tried to top up but weren’t successful, funds will go back into your bank account in the coming days. For players trying to log in to check their tickets tonight, MyLotto is still very busy and we encourage you to try again tomorrow.

“During high jackpots we always encourage players to buy their tickets early to avoid our busiest times. We will continue to update you as we know more.”

Punters weren’t impressed.

“There’s never been these kinds of holdups/delays/queues in the past when trying to check online tickets. Maybe it’s because there are a lot more checking with such a big prize, however if you’re going to promote online buying, then you need the resources (server “speed” or whatever technical thingy it is) to deliver,” said one, on the Lotto Facebook page.

“How is it that NZ Herald can announce a winner b4 LOTTO NZ does …,” said another.

All of the system information upgrades can be found here.

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