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Rogue Labour MP Gaurav Sharma fronts as caucus considers ‘motion to expel’

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Labour MP Dr Gaurav Sharma. Photo / Getty

LISTEN LIVE: Gaurav Sharma on the Mike Hosking Breakfast at 7:30am:

Rogue Labour MP Dr Gaurav Sharma has told Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking no one has spoken to him from the party side. He said the PM should have called a public inquiry into his bullying allegations.

The Labour caucus is meeting next week to consider a motion to expel him.

Sharma recorded a private phone conversation with another MP, who did not know they were being recorded.

Sharma leaked that tape to the media, attempting to prove his point. The Prime Minister’s Office says the recording misrepresents a conversation with a colleague.

“What is the Prime Minister trying to hide,” he asked Newshub during an interview yesterday when he alleged he was suspended from her party in a “kangaroo court” process.

Sharma was suspended from Labour’s caucus on Tuesday after breaking caucus confidence in a series of Facebook posts.

The Hamilton West MP said he felt the decision was already predetermined which is why he wasn’t interested in mediation.

Kieran McAnulty told RNZ’s Corin Dann this morning that the “mood of the room was very clear” when Labour’s caucus met on Monday to discuss the Sharma situation, but there was no predetermined decision to suspend the MP ahead of the formal Tuesday meeting.

“I was at that meeting and it absolutely was not predetermined. As the Prime Minister has said, it was an opportunity for people to share their views frankly and freely without threat of it being leaked. But the mood of the room was very clear – but it certainly wasn’t predetermined.”

He wouldn’t speculate on whether Sharma would be expelled from caucus.

McAnulty was accused by Sharma of being a bully, which “absolutely” rejected – “that’s backed up by the Prime Minister and caucus”.

Further allegations made by Sharma were a matter for Jacinda Ardern.

“In the whips’ office we kept meticulous records and provided all of those, the Prime Minister’s seen those; whether that warrants an investigation or not is a matter for her and not something that I’m willing to wade into.”

Sharma alleges a rampant culture of bullying in the party, which the party denies. He wants a public inquiry into his claims.

Following his latest allegations aired yesterday, a spokesperson for the Labour leader said the caucus would meet on Tuesday to consider a motion to expel Sharma.

“Gaurav has repeatedly breached his colleagues’ trust, and caucus was clear that should there be further breaches such as this then further steps would be taken.”

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