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11-year-old victim of brutal assault caught on video speaks out

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Still from video posted to Facebook showing a vicious assault by two teenage girls on three younger girls in Pukekohe. Photo / Supplied

One of the victims of the vicious attack on three young girls caught on video has spoken out about her terrifying experience and the marks it has left on her, both physically and mentally.

The latest video emerged yesterday showing three girls being viciously beaten in Pukekohe.

The young girls are seen cowering together as they are set upon by a group of female attackers, who pick off the three victims one by one, punching them in the head, kicking them and dragging them by the hair.

One of the 11-year-old victims spoke to Newshub today, sharing that she’s terrified to leave the home and hears her attackers’ voices everywhere.

The girl, who didn’t want to be named, was taking selfies in Pukekohe town centre when an older group of girls started yelling at them.

“Me and my friends were just at Maccas and then we walked to the park just to sit down for a little bit,” she said.

“We were on our phones for a while and these girls were walking around as well and when we were taking photos together they started yelling at us, accusing us of taking photos of them and then they came over to us and we had our Cokes with us and they kicked them over.”

She said after that, the group of girls demanded they unlock their phones to prove that they weren’t taking pictures – which they did.

The attackers started brutally kicking and assaulting her and her friends, despite discovering no photos. She claimed that the assault only ended when she was able to flee and seek assistance.

She was kicked in the head and in the back, leaving her with extensive bruising around one eye and one arm. She is also suffering constant headaches, which she and her family fear may go on long-term.

“We are worried about the headaches, we are worried they are going to be long-term. She’s tiny, she’s a tiny little girl. That’s the other thing we just can’t believe – these girls are my size and they did that to that tiny little girl,” the girl’s mother said.

The girl’s mother, who also wished to stay anonymous, told Newshub the devastation of this attack has been felt by the whole family. Her daughter can’t eat, or sleep, and is in constant fear that she might be attacked again.

“She feels like they are everywhere… Everywhere we go she’s got her arms folded and she’s looking around thinking they are there,” she told Newshub.

She said her daughter is too afraid to return to school and can’t even sleep alone.

“On Monday night she slept with me again and she was having nightmares and she was sort of whimpering in her sleep… It’s going to take quite some time for her to get over this.”

An Aunt of one of the victims spoke to Newshub last night and maintained that the once shy, polite and quiet girls have been left afraid to leave the house.

She also said that all three suffered extensive injuries, and her niece was badly bruised along her body and across her face. The other victims suffered a chipped tooth, delayed concussions, black eyes and extensive bruising.

“Anger is the first emotion, and then you just feel really sad, I mean it’s sad for the girls assaulted, but I actually feel sad for the girls who have done it, to think what has caused this.

“I feel mortified for the girls, I can’t imagine being in that video with everyone watching it as they are.”

Also last night, whānau of one of the attackers told the Herald tonight they are deeply and sincerely apologetic for the pain she had inflicted on the girls.

“We are so sorry for it all,” they said.

“In no shape or form was she raised like this, we will work with police, and Oranga Tamariki to put plans in place for what we can do to help her learn her lesson.”

Police said they are aware of both videos circulating online and have asked people to stop sharing them because of their graphic content.

An earlier video showed a girl being brutally assaulted by at least two attackers outside a Pukekohe school.

A girl is attacked by two other teenagers outside a school in Pukekohe. Photo / Supplied
A girl is attacked by two other teenagers outside a school in Pukekohe. Photo / Supplied

Police also said they were extremely concerned about the level of violence and confirmed the attacks shown in both videos were linked.

Counties Manukau South Area Commander Inspector Joe Hunter said most of the offenders were involved in both attacks.

Inspector Hunter also said police were very concerned by the violence shown in the videos and asked the community to cease sharing them any further.

He said police were following positive lines of inquiry and supporting the victims and their families.

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