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Check your tickets! One player scoops $16 million Lotto Powerball win

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Winning Lotto and becoming an instant multi-millionaire is not always easy – but it ain’t half bad either.
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One lucky player is $16 million richer after tonight’s Lotto Powerball draw.

The life-changing win has just been confirmed on Lotto’s website, with the winning numbers: 10, 12, 17, 25, 30 and 32.

The Bonus Ball was 23, and the Power Ball was 6.

One player also took home $200,000 in Strike.

The order for those numbers were 25, 30, 17 and 12.

Tonight’s win is the second big prize to be struck this month and comes only weeks after a syndicate of 24 people claimed a whopping $23.3 million.

The syndicate, who live from the bottom of Auckland’s North Shore to the Northland border and are at different stages in their lives, said their winnings will be life-changing for all despite having to share in the spoils.

“We’re a range of ages so this win is going to help people buy first homes, right the way to helping people retire that little bit earlier,” one syndicate member said earlier this month.

“So many people are going to benefit from it and we’re just so grateful that we’ve won.”

According to the syndicate, which wishes to remain anonymous, the members put in $2 each per draw, play lucky dips and only pick up tickets when the jackpot is over $10 million.

But the jackpot was just the fifth time this year the syndicate had purchased a Powerball ticket.

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