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Police called after Mount Albert Halloween party gets out of control

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The Halloween party was swamped by uninvited people. Photo / 123rf

An Auckland dad called police after his daughter’s Halloween party was gatecrashed by at least 100 people last night.

Roisterers were “causing issues” on Owairaka Ave, Mount Albert, including “a couple of scuffles,” a police spokesperson said.

Colin Campbell told the Herald the original guest list he had been given was about 40-50 people.

He said his high school-aged daughter had thrown parties of this size with his and his wife’s supervision before “without incident”.

But last night’s party quickly descended into something else at 10.30pm when hordes of older people started arriving.

“Word got around and just random people starting showing up, and I mean me and my wife were standing at the gate trying to stop people coming in,” Campbell said.

“You could see people talking on their phones saying the party is happening at this address.”

He heard a large party down the road had been shut down earlier that night, and the occupants had migrated to his house.

Campbell estimated at least 100 extra people swarmed his property, forcing him to make the call to police at about 11pm.

The police spokesman said police got a report at about 11pm.

“Police began moving people on at about 11.30pm and the street was cleared by midnight,” they said.

Police partially closed the street off as a part of the effort to clear the party, Campbell said.

He said the state of his house and property this morning was similar to the morning after a major festival.

Still, he said, he was lucky to have his community rally behind him to help clean up despite the party disturbing their sleep.

“One woman from the community helped clean up the road and picked up bottles and cans that had been dumped, I really appreciated that,” Campbell said.

“I thought I would get a lot of backlash, I have really appreciated that most people who have reached out have been sympathetic.”

Neighbours on a social media community page were also appreciative that Campbell and his wife were honest about the situation.

“Credit to you for being honest about it. Hope your house hasn’t been damaged either,” one person wrote.

“You poor things! Ain’t parenting fun!” another wrote.

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