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Art and Matilda Green welcome baby number three Penelope

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Former Bachelor NZ contestants Art and Matilda Green this week welcomed baby number three together – a girl named Penelope.

The couple announced the birth on their respective social media accounts tonight.

“A few days ago, our baby girl entered the world! Her name is Penelope, and she was born at home just in time for her brother and sister to get up in the morning and greet her. She’s a little angel, and is settling in like a dream,” Matilda Green posted.

Art Green also paid tribute to his wife.

“Just so proud of this incredible woman for growing and bringing our new little girl into the world. Born a few days ago at home. We’ve called her Penelope,” he posted.

The reality stars welcomed their second child, Autumn in June 2021.

In September, the 33-year-old spoke to the Herald about spending the past 10 years of her life largely in the spotlight. She spoke about working hard to build a humble life in Warkworth for herself and her family – husband Art, son Milo, 4, Autumn, 2, and baby number three.

Green will be the first to admit just how lucky she is to be able to do her job from home – alongside her husband and kids – but that doesn’t make pregnancy any easier while juggling two toddlers.

“Even having both of us on the parenting tools pretty equally, it’s still challenging.”

“For the first 18 weeks or so, I was quite sick, so it was tough. It’s a new experience vomiting into a toilet with a 2-year-old climbing on your back yelling ‘piggyback ride! piggyback ride!’”

The star admits the transition from one to two kids wasn’t as tricky as going from none to one, but what will going from two to three be like for the pair? For Green, her focus is on seeing Autumn and Milo adapt to their new roles.

“I’m so excited to get to know them, and find out more about their little personality,” she says of baby number three. “I also can’t wait to see Autumn step into her new role as a big sister. Autumn and Milo have a beautiful relationship, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that evolves with a new member in the crew.”

While most families have childhood tapes and poorly shot iPhone videos to look back on, their kids will have a host of reality TV show appearances to catch up on one day and cast their own judgments. When they finally do, Green hopes they will see that their mum was never afraid to try something new.

Art and Matilda welcomed their first child in September 2019 and their second child in June 2021.

The Greens met on the first season of New Zealand’s edition of The Bachelor in 2015, and have been together ever since.

In 2021 they bought their first home together in Warkworth and run several businesses.

They got married on Waiheke Island in a small ceremony where Matilda also took the opportunity to announce her pregnancy to family and friends.

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