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Large Angus bull captured on video wandering down suburban street in Nelson

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A Nelson woman got the surprise of her life this afternoon, watching a large Angus bull casually wandering down her suburban street.

Maxine Keepa ducked home for lunch when she saw the bull walking up a driveway on Newman Drive in suburban Nelson. Not knowing what to do, she started filming.

“It came from further up Newman Drive – not sure whose house, but I heard mooing.

Keepa said she stopped recording to call animal control.

“It ended up walking down the bottom of our street somewhere. The police arrived and I guess they guided it to a safe place.”

Keepa says there were a lot of school kids in the area at the time.

A police spokesperson said they were advised there was a bull on Newman Drive at 2.55pm today.

“Police did respond, along with Animal Control, but it looks like the farmer was on site very shortly after our arrival and presumably managed to move the bull off the road and back to a secure location,” police said.

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