Lofi Bernie Sanders (2 hour mix)

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Lofi Bernie Sanders on the subway.
over 100 minutes of great vibes to change society for the better to.
based on our viral tweet from http://twitter.com/good

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Track List:

0:00 early morning by phury
3:29 chrysalism by ottom
5:31 emerald by ottom
7:29 city eyes by nooma
9:25 coffee by phury
11:42 city eyes by lewis harris
13:38 catharsis by ottom
16:29 dreaming by phury
19:11 just right by generation lost
22:20 komorebi by ottom
24:22 leaves of october // forget the past by fadedaeon
28:36 hold on by ottom
30:13 ikigai by ottom
32:04 hana by ottom
34:03 irusu by ottom
37:03 itai by ottom
39:56 lullabye by phury
42:02 nephrite by ottom
44:21 nice day by 4oresight
46:20 opulent by ottom
48:27 patterns by michael drake
52:23 may always reminds me by fadedaeon
56:45 lullabye by phury
58:51 mellifluous by ottom
1:00:58 zircon by ottom
1:02:53 ukiyo by ottom
1:04:59 winged by ottom
1:06:37 yoisho by ottom
1:08:51 waiting by phury
1:10:52 window by phury
1:13:04 valle de anahuac by when mountains move
1:14:47 yugen by ottom
1:16:59 atlantic way by stefano mastronardi
1:18:41 blue moon cafe by stefano mastronardi
1:21:11 [ctrl] by lalinea
1:23:47 almost summer // re-charge by fadedaeon
1:28:16 pink flower by phury
1:30:42 rise by phury
1:32:42 pistachios by lalinea
1:35:11 running ft ladé by phury
1:37:36 rewind by liquify
1:40:07 sapphire by ottom
1:42:58 sunset by phury
1:45:30 thoughts by phury