Lucky Lotto player wins $10 million in Powerball

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A Lotto player has won more than $10 million. Photo / Michael Bradley

One lucky Lotto player is $10,333,333 richer after winning Powerball this evening.

Their ticket was bought at New World Wairoa.

Two other players won Division One, but without the Powerball number their tickets are worth only $333,333 each.

Those tickets were bought from Fresh Choice Geraldine and on MyLotto by a player from Auckland.


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Nobody won Strike Four, so that jackpots to Wednesday night’s draw.

The win comes soon after a woman popped into the supermarket for a chocolate bar, bought a Lotto ticket on a whim and became one of New Zealand’s biggest prize winners.

The woman and her husband from Paraparaumu won an enormous $37.125 million Powerball prize last month – the third-largest prize won by a single ticket in Lotto NZ’s history.

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, said they only buy a ticket when the jackpot is over $30m – and that the latest ticket was bought at the very last minute.


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“I was on my way home after work and was craving a chocolate bar, so I quickly popped into the supermarket,” the woman said.

“While I was there, I noticed the high jackpot and thought I’d grab a Lucky Dip at the same time.”

With her chocolate bar and yellow ticket in hand, the woman headed home. Hours later, her husband woke her with the amazing news that has turned their lives upside down.

“I was still up and scrolling online – trying to catch some footage of the Women’s World Cup,” the man said.

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“I came across a news item about the jackpot being struck in Kāpiti, along with a list of the winning numbers. So, I grabbed our ticket and began matching our numbers against the winning ones. It slowly dawned on me that one of our lines seemed to have all the winning numbers – including the Powerball. I couldn’t believe it!” the man said.

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