My perfect Whanganui weekend: Retail worker and volunteer Georgina Sekone-Fraser

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Georgina Sekone-Fraser will be at Frank Bar and Eatery on a Friday night. Photo / Bevan Conley

Georgina Sekone-Fraser is a long-time Whanganui retail worker and volunteer.

For me, the weekend is all about catching up with friends and family.

On a Friday night, we normally go down to Frank (Bar and Eatery).

It’s great, but you look at the generation now and feel a lot older. You’re in the middle of the dance floor thinking ‘My goodness, there’s no way I can dance like that’.


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They’re flip-flopping around the floor. If I do that I’ll break my bones.

Sometimes we just go to someone’s house and sit around talking and laughing about days gone by.

My auntie is in a rest home so a big thing is to go and visit her. Even when I was working and tired I had to squeeze in at least an hour to go and see her.

On a Saturday I’ll buy a packet of biscuits and pop in. Seeing her big smile makes my day.


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We talk, we laugh, we watch TV and I show her photos of my grandson. She loves that.

I’m always looking in the paper for what’s going on in town. This weekend I’m looking forward to the Matariki event. Hopefully, everyone will come together to celebrate.

Our town always has something happening and somewhere to go. People might say they’re bored but you just need to get out the door. Take a step and don’t look back.

Sunday is definitely a bit more quiet. I try to be good, relax and be kind to myself.

Mike Tweed is an assistant news director and multimedia journalist at the Whanganui Chronicle. Since starting in March 2020, he has dabbled in everything from sport to music. At present his focus is local government, primarily the Whanganui District Council.

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