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Onehunga High School attack: Students caught up in Auckland street clash with machete-wielding man

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An Auckland high school student has had to flee from a thug swinging a machete, while scores of other teens ran for safety after a group lay in wait outside the college.

The terrifying incident took place near Onehunga High School on Pleasant St at the end of yesterday’s school day.

Videos show a man holding a machete as students turn and run, while cars with parents picking up their children are brought to a standstill.

Police confirmed they had been made aware of a fight on the street at about 3.20pm, while Onehunga High School’s board of trustees chairman George Woodward told parents in a post on a public Facebook page last night that police had been called and were investigating.

In social media videos, the group can be seen confronting a group of Onehunga students at the corner of Pleasant and Jackson Sts.

Two of those in the group of four are wearing hoodies and have their faces covered.

Initially the group and the students stand opposite each other exchanging insults, while one student can be heard saying to another: “It’s not worth it”.

But when one of the group kicks a student, the confrontation spirals into a melee.

The students appear to start to outnumber and overwhelm the group, yet the videos posted to social media also show one of the group, wearing a hoodie and jeans, run to a parked silver hatchback where he appears to grab a machete.

The blade can be clearly seen in videos posted to social media, with one student having the blade swung at him repeatedly.
The blade can be clearly seen in videos posted to social media, with one student having the blade swung at him repeatedly.

He then runs back into the melee where he can be seen to lash out with his machete at one student, who then has to flee.

It is unclear whether the student was injured, however Onehunga High School said all its students are safe.

A subsequent video then shows the man threatening scores of other students with the machete as they turn and run in fear.

Some female students can be seen trying to get one of the group to stop the attack.

Police said they were “notified of a group of young people involved in an altercation” on Pleasant St.

“Upon police arrival the group had dispersed,” a spokesperson said.

Armed thugs attack Onehunga High School students with a machete.
Armed thugs attack Onehunga High School students with a machete.

“Inquiries are ongoing to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the incident and who was involved.”

Woodward said on Facebook last night “police were called at the time of the incident”.

“They are fully involved and are investigating. We have requested an increased police presence in the community for the time being”.

Onehunga High School principal Shameen Hayat told parents this morning there was a “serious incident yesterday after school, in the vicinity, involving some OHS students and members of the public”.

“All our students are safe. We are working with the police, they are fully investigating the matter and the MOE is supporting our response,” Hayat said.

“We take the safety of our students seriously and I would like to reassure you that the school is safe.”

She said having a safe and orderly environment, where the school community looks after each other is a top priority.

“We are treating the matter seriously and the situation is in hand,” she said.

One parent of an Onehunga High student told the Herald he normally picks his son up from the cul-de-sac where the confrontation happened.

“This is not what we want in our schools,” he said.

“We want our children to learn in a safe environment and not having to worrying about someone waiting to harm them outside of school.”

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