Pak’nSave AI meal bot suggests deadly and toxic spreads, supermarket says it will ‘keep fine-tuning’

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Foodstuffs, which owns Pak’nSave, says it will “keep fine-tuning” the tool.

Pak’nSave’s new artificial intelligence recipe bot has produced some comical, yet dangerous suggestions to customers as the supermarket promises to “keep fine-tuning” the tool.

The supermarket launched its Savey Meal-bot in July, claiming the AI technology could help households save money and reduce food waste.

It generates meal suggestions using only ingredients that its users enter.

But some Kiwis have tested the bot’s limits and exposed some dangerous components to it.


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Political commentator Liam Hehir shared his recipe on Twitter for an “aromatic water mix” after asking the bot for meal suggestions using only water, bleach and ammonia.

“It has suggested making deadly chlorine gas or, as the Savey Meal-bot calls it, ‘“aromatic water mix’,” he wrote.

Hehir’s post prompted other Kiwis to experiment with the tool and share their results. Recommendations included a “bleach-infused rice surprise”, “mysterious meat stew” (including human flesh), and an “ant jelly delight” made with ant poison-flavoured jelly.

In a statement, Foodstuffs, the parent company of Pak’nSave, said, “We want people to have fun with the tool and be safe, which is why when we were developing it, we included a number of safeguards to help ensure it’s used appropriately.


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“This includes rules to prevent the use of items that aren’t ingredients”.

Foodstuffs said the AI chatbot technology was emerging, and it would keep fine-tuning its controls so they can keep the Savey Meal-bot fun and useful for people wanting recipe inspiration.

Before someone is able to access the tool, they must confirm they’re at least 18 years old and agree to use it for its intended purpose – to produce recipes.

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