Toxic relationships left behind as Jazzy’s Lashys opens

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Jasmine (Jazzy) Tangohau (middle) with her first intake at Jazzys Lashys Eyelash Academy: Brandy Lee-Gilbert (left), Jackeanne Dunn, Donna Swan-Taroa and Tammy Chapman. Absent RubyLee Tetonga. Photo / Paul Taylor

Jasmine Tangohau is not afraid to admit she’s taken a few wrong turns in her life.

She’s spent time in prison and has had some toxic relationships.

However, this young woman’s life changed when her daughter Armanii-Jewel was born six years ago.

Her life has certainly not been smooth sailing since, but Jasmine says everything she does, she does for Armanii-Jewel.


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Today this single parent not only owns a hair and beauty salon, she has just opened Jazzys Lashys, an eyelash academy with classes fully booked for several weeks.

“I have made some bad decisions in my life but my daughter was my lifesaver. I’ve worked hard to get where I am today. This is a dream come true for me and I’m proud of myself,” Jasmine said.

Born and bred in Hawke’s Bay, Jasmine says she has always been independent.

“We moved to the South Island when I was young and I went backwards and forwards. I didn’t finish school and left at 15. I’ve had a lot of jobs in those early years but I have always wanted to be a hairdresser,” she said.


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Jasmine (Jazzy) Tangohau has opened an eyelash academy, Jazzy's Lashys, in Hastings. Photo / Paul Taylor
Jasmine (Jazzy) Tangohau has opened an eyelash academy, Jazzy’s Lashys, in Hastings. Photo / Paul Taylor

Eventually, she found herself in Auckland and decided to go to Servilles Academy.

“My tutors were amazing. They got me a job at a salon because they could see my potential.”

After she graduated, she returned to Hawke’s Bay and had her daughter. My relationship was bad. I did everything to please him.”

“I made bad choices. Eventually, I ended up in emergency housing, then I got a flat. All I had was a single bed and a few bits and pieces.

“So I started doing lashes from home at night.”

Customers kept coming back and her clientele grew.

She applied for a business grant and opened her first hair and beauty salon in Flaxmere.

“I was so proud. My daughter was a salon baby. I had a nanny two nights a week while I worked late. I don’t do that now because I miss my girl too much.”

However, when Covid struck she gave up the lease.

Jasmine was not done yet — far from it.


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After the lockdowns, she opened another hair and beauty salon in Mayfair.

Jasmine Tangohau's daughter Armanii-Jewel is the reason she is driven to succeed and empower other women.
Jasmine Tangohau’s daughter Armanii-Jewel is the reason she is driven to succeed and empower other women.

“Unfortunately not long after I found myself in another terrible relationship. There was violence, cheating, drugs. I thought I loved him. I was a mess. I always take pride in my appearance but I found myself turning up to work in track pants and a hoodie. Lucky I’m good at what I do because my clients kept coming,” Jasmine said.

“I knew I had to snap out of it. I had a choice — I could either let it destroy me or I could rise up. And again it was the thought of my daughter that made me pull myself together. That and the support of my friends.”

“So I just worked hard running the salon and fitting in studies training . I’m certified in NALA Accredited Academy ,which means I am also internationally qualified.

“Being your own boss is so empowering and I wanted to support other women to be able to be their own boss and work hours that suited them. That’s why I decided to open Jazzys Lashys.”

Once she had made up her mind, she applied for funding from Te Puni Kokiri.


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“I know this will work. I have had so much support along the way. I always get a buzz out of seeing my clients smile when they have had their hair or eyelashes done. It’s important to look after ourselves. There’s a drive in me to uplift women.

“Jazzys Lashys adds another layer to that. Lashes are in high demand. Once you have done Jazzys NALA Accredited Academy course, which provides you with a starter kit worth $500, a very thorough lash manual and forever ongoing support, you can literally work anywhere in the world,” Jasmine said.

“My goal is to inspire, educate and lead women into success.”

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