US Second Gentleman meets with Jacinda Ardern on Christchurch Call

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Douglas Emhoff and Jacinda Ardern meeting in the Policy Office on Friday in Auckland, for a roundtable as part of the Christchurch Call. Photo / Finn Blackwell, RNZ

By Finn Blackwell of RNZ

The former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has met with the Second Gentleman of the United States in Auckland today as part of a roundtable discussion for the Christchurch Call.

Douglas Emhoff, husband of American Vice-President Kamala Harris, is the first male spouse of a US Vice-President. He is visiting New Zealand as the leader of a presidential delegation for the opening of the Fifa Women’s World Cup.

Ahead of the meeting, Emhoff described the importance of initiatives like the Christchurch Call in preventing the spread of hate and bigotry.


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Speaking out against hate – and calling out those who stay silent – were effective tools in combating hate, he said.

“We are witnessing, unfortunately, a global epidemic of hate.

“It’s accelerated by online radicalisation, misinformation and disinformation.”

Yesterday he opened a panel discussion on the topic Gender Equity and Sport at Epsom Girls’ Grammar School.


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Addressing the crowd, the Second Gentleman offered sombre words on behalf of the United States, for the victims of yesterday’s shooting in central Auckland.

“I know [the shooting] was very tough for a lot of people, so on behalf of the United States, and all of us, I just want to give a word of prayer for the victims, and their families, and their loved ones,” he said.

Emhoff also thanked the first responders for their bravery during the tense situation.

The panel at the school was moderated by sports commentator Rikki Swannell, and featured Black Fern lock Eloise Blackwell, Fifa head of sustainability Dr Sheila Nguyen, and chief programme director at the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, Lorrie Fair Allen.

The wide-ranging conversation covered allyship, accessibility and the future of women in sport, and concluded with all students in attendance receiving a free ticket to one Fifa match.

“We are thrilled to have Mr Emhoff … here in New Zealand representing President Biden at this historic event, the first Fifa Women’s World Cup in the southern hemisphere, and the first where every player is guaranteed pay”, said US Ambassador to New Zealand Tom Udall.

“Mr Emhoff is a champion for gender equality, and a wonderful ambassador for the Biden-Harris Administration in this, one of its core principles”.

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