Watch live: Multiple fatalities feared after gunman storms Auckland CBD building site, at least six injured

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Armed police have swarmed on Auckland’s CBD after reports of a gunman at a building under construction near Britomart.

It is understood more than one person has died at the scene after a gunman stormed a building under construction at 1 Queen St.

St John ambulance says six people are confirmed injured so far, three seriously.

A police officer is among the injured but was able to walk to an ambulance, assisted by colleagues.


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A distressed construction worker told the Herald he encountered the gunman on the stairs of a property under development at about 7.20am.

A volley of gun shots were also heard near the scene at 8.08am.

Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown said he believed the gunman was dead. Police have yet to confirm this.

St John ambulance says three patients have serious injuries and another three have moderate injuries.


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Multiple officers are currently in Quay St near Britomart. The public is being told to stay indoors and avoid lower Queen St.

Several workers at a building site can be seen crouching behind piles of building materials near where police are gathering.

At least one construction worker has been injured and was escorted from the scene by police. This person is receiving first aid from several officers.

A man with blood on his face could be seen being rushed into an ambulance.

It is understood the drama is centred at 1 Queen St, a Precinct Properties building which L.T. McGuinness is working on. Matt McGuinness confirmed to the Herald it was his site the suspected gunman was on.

“I’m from South Africa … we left there not to have this,” one construction worker said.

Several roads are closed in the CBD including sections of Lower Hobson St, Quay St, Queen St, and Lower Albert St.


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Members of the public are being told to seek shelter at the HSBC Tower.

Fullers says all ferry services suspended until further notice.

Police are asking the public to “move on” and stop crowding around the scene.

A woman watching the scene said she was evacuated from Commercial Bay.

Police are telling people to go home, “you won’t be going back in there.”

Train services are still running and customers can still exit Britomart via the Takutai exit located towards the tunnel end of each platform.


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Commuters are told to expect major delays to all public transport.

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