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Auckland Caltex robbery: Chilling footage shows Western Springs worker fleeing from hammer-wielding robbers

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Chilling footage shows the moment a Western Springs Caltex worker attempts to flee from hammer-wielding robbers early this morning.

The video shows a frightened worker retreating into a backroom and trying to close the door as eight men, some armed with hammers, storm the counter.

Moments later a fog cannon is activated and the men appear to disperse.

Franchise owner Sanjai Bagia said this was just the latest of eight robberies that have occurred at his 11 Caltex stores so far this year.

While no one was injured, he told the Herald today’s incident was worrying because it happened during the day.

“We haven’t seen this before, this is a daytime robbery with nine alleged robbers coming in. I mean can you imagine nine people coming right into your store and only one staff there?” Bagia said.

“It is definitely a big concern, in terms of knowing where this is leading to because it’s only a matter of time before someone gets injured.”

Bagia said the staff member on site was excellent in following procedures and in activating fog cannon and the robbers left with a minimum.

He said it was part of a “worrying trend” of jewellery stores and petrol stations being targeted.

“They’ve been daring enough to go to the mall and do it in front of people and now they’re doing the same thing in open service stations and other retail outlets. And goodness me, one day you’ll have nine or 10 guys coming into your house and robbing you. What will you do? Where will it stop? It is a worrying trend in New Zealand.”

Police confirmed they were making inquiries following a robbery of a commercial premises on Great North Road, which was reported at 7.18am.

“Several offenders entered the premises and threatened an employee, who activated a fog cannon and then moved to a secure place,” they said in a statement.

“The employee was shaken but unharmed. The offenders stole items before fleeing in a vehicle which was located, abandoned, a short time later. Police are following lines of inquiry to locate the offenders.”

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